Anti Aging Cream – Does it Really Work?

Most women dread the first appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on their faces. These signs of aging can begin in some women as early as their 20′s. Anti aging creams offer the promise of smooth, young-looking skin. Some anti aging creams can be extremely expensive, but do they really work?Causes of Skin WrinklesThe most common reason for skin wrinkles is aging, but other factors can also cause lines and wrinkles to appear. Genetics, weight loss and illness can lead to wrinkled skin. Younger skin is smooth because of the body’s ability to maintain and repair collagen, the main protein in the body’s connective tissue.In our younger years, the chemical process that builds healthy collagen from amino acids is very active. As we grow older, the synthesis of collagen slows down as part of the natural aging process. Other factors such as changes in the diet can contribute to the slowing down of amino acid synthesis. Older skin also tends to lack moisture, contributing to skin wrinkles.How to have Smoother SkinVitamin C is an important factor in the production of collagen. Your daily food intake should include enough Vitamin C for healthy skin. In addition, Vitamin E is an important nutrient that contributes to overall skin health.Treat your body with care. Get enough sleep and avoid too much stress. Protect your skin from too much sunlight as the sun’s ultraviolet rays can break down collagen.If you are ready to try an anti aging cream, find the best ones with natural ingredients to aid your body in promoting healthier and smoother skin. Look for an anti aging cream that contains retinol, a powerful antioxidant. This is a Vitamin A compound that helps promote the generation of healthy skin cells.Anti aging creams containing tretinoin, a Vitamin A derivative, are also highly effective. Another natural ingredient in the best anti aging creams is Coenzyme Q10, a nutrient known to reduce wrinkles. Copper peptides are also beneficial for skin care. A plant derivative known as kinetin stimulates collagen production and helps skin retain moisture.Do Anti Aging Creams Really Work?While a permanent wrinkle remover does not exist, anti wrinkle creams can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the face. Many anti aging creams reduce wrinkles by hydrating the skin and causing the cells to become plump. Most creams contain the same basic ingredients and the results will last as long as you continue using the product.The benefits are likely to disappear if you stop using the anti aging cream. For this reason, you may want to use a reasonably priced cream that provides the same results as a more expensive product.

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